Presenting the Change you Want to See Series

Presenting the Change you Want to See Series

By far my favorite part of working for Ethical Ocean over the past two years has been all the amazing organizations I’ve encountered, and the passionate visionaries who lead them. An unprecedented level of connectivity between people, as well as a growing global awareness has ushered in a new type of entrepreneur - one who starts their organization not for profits or fame, but to leave the world truly better than they left it.

We decided that we wanted to take a deeper look at the people who are changing the world for the better. What do they have in common? What is it that drives them? Where do they see the world in 10 years? In 100 years?

We are happy to present the first edition of The Change you Want to See in the World. The format is simple: we picked one leader for a world changing organization and gave them a blank slate for them to share their answer to the following question:

“How are you and your organization being the change you want to see in the world?”

300 words, no boundaries. This month we are proud to present three amazing individuals leading organizations that tackle the status quo and champion a newer, brighter future.

Warm thanks to Tal Dehtiar from Oliberté Shoes, Thulasy Lettner from Mobile Transactions Zambia and Jo-Ann Tan from the Acumen Fund.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next edition.

April 24, 2012