DIY Onions (You don't even need dirt)

DIY Onions (You don't even need dirt)

I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. The only flora that have lasted an appreciable amount of time in my house are cacti and jade plants—which are both incredibly resistant to drought and forgetfulness. I’d therefore pretty much given up on maintaining any greenery in the Ethical Ocean office, which was too bad, since our computer- and gadget-filled space could use some.

Then I came across something interesting on Pinterest. One of our followers had posted a photo of green onions growing in a mason jar. Apparently, the common herb will grow in nothing but an inch of water. Even the ones you buy at the grocery store can sprout this way.

Worth a shot, I figured. I approached my new gardening endeavor with cautious optimism, and after a quick bite I prepared one late night at the office, I had six freshly cut onion bulbs from the grocery store floating, and waiting to flourish, I hoped, in a jar.

The next morning I rushed into the office, looking—and feeling—like a kid who’d mixed his first package of sea monkeys into their soon-to-be kingdom the night before.

Sure enough, tiny green sprouts had emerged.

And they continued to grow! Here’s my crop on day 6:

I’ll be adding more bulbs soon to get a full jar. I’m looking forward to tasting office-grown onions in all my meals from now on.

It’s easy to grow onions-in-a-jar. Here are four tips to help you grow your own:

1. Clip and keep the bottom-half-inch of each green onion you buy (the part with the roots still attached) and immerse them in an inch of lukewarm tap water, in a jar. Place them in direct sunlight.

2. Change the water every two to three days to keep it from smelling funky.

3. If you haven’t seen any green emerge by day three, toss those bulbs and replace with new ones. Otherwise, they’ll start to rot.

4. The onions grow about an inch a day. When you’re hungry, just snip off the top green section and add them to your meal!

Do you have some DIY fruit and veggie tricks of your own? Share the wealth! Comment below.

March 20, 2012