5 reasons to dust off your bike for National Bike month

5 reasons to dust off your bike for National Bike month

If doing good for the environment or the arrival of National Bike Month haven’t been reason enough to dust off the ol’ two wheels, here are some 5 more reasons to ditch the car and start biking.

  1. Get Svelte: Live within biking distance to work? Here’s your chance to get fit. In fact the average person will lose 13 pounds in their first year of biking to work. (Plus, while not scientifically studied as far as I can find, cyclists have the best calf muscles around. Yes, girls do check out your calf muscles.)
  2. Save Time: An MIT study in Lyon, France found bikes are 50% faster than cars during rush hour. And really, how satisfying is it to peddle past a bunch of idle cars? It’s okay to be smug.

  3. Save Moola: Adding 30 minutes of daily cycling saves each of us $544 in medical costs annually... and with gas and parking prices continuing to climb, the savings add up fast.

  4. Live Longer: A study of 11 Midwestern US cities found that if we each did half our errands by bike rather than by car for 4 months, 1,100 deaths would be averted.

  5. Warm Your Heart: In Melbourne, Australia, cyclists were recently treated to a cute little note left hanging on their handlebars, simply saying ‘thanks.’ Artist Hong Yi attached the notes which read “Thank you for saving the world... with one less car!” Now wouldn’t that just make your day?!

What makes you happiest about biking?

May 2, 2012