Issue #78
October 29, 2012

Ladies – It’s Time for Action . . .

Perhaps, like me, you got an email this week from Ethical Ocean. The subject line compels you to get up and do something. You think . . . YES! It is time for action. Action on what? You have no idea, but in your pyjamas, with toast in hand, you . . . are . . . ready. You trust Ethical Ocean to rile you up for something worthy, something awesome, and something that needs YOU. Set the toast down and click. Still wondering . . . why do they need me, little ol’ me? ... Read More

Halloween Textile Waste [Infographic]

I have always loved Halloween – the excuse to costume up, carve a pumpkin, and eat candy make for a great holiday. More than 170 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, dressing up and ... Read More

Tips for a Vegan and Eco Road Trip

I’m in the midst of a trip to Miami, nearly 1,500 miles from home. It’s the first multi-day road trip I’ve taken in years, and the first since adopting a plant-based diet. In the past, I equated road trips with road trip food – bad gas station coffee, burgers and fries in quantities I would never eat at home, and snacks of candy and chips. The result: belly aches, an endless stream of garbage, and a fair chunk of cash spent. ... Read More

An Open Letter to Ethical Ocean

In response to my latest article titled F#@k Dress Shoes, I received a very thoughtful email. I’d like to share it and get your thoughts on it. In short, he’s asking if writing such “provocative ... Read More

Handbags of Quality, Style, and Sustainability

It all started in a booth at Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 2001. Ten years later, distribution has grown from one small booth to an online store and boutiques nationwide. Products have even been ... Read More
Issue #78
October 29, 2012