Issue #71
September 10, 2012

Organic Food Isn’t Healthier, But Who Cares?

Last week media sources were dominated with headlines proclaiming that organic foods are no more nutritious than conventional ones. The headlines are based on a Stanford University study on the benefits of organic foods on individual health – which they concluded were negligible. ... Read More

PETA Buys Revlon Stock

If you love an old fashion boardroom sit-in, this promises to be good. Revlon has just gained a rather unlikely shareholder: the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA’s recent stock purchase is part of its ongoing attempt to get answers from Revlon about their alleged involvement in animal testing. ... Read More

The Cutest Animal Alive

This past week I spent my summer vacation Sea Kayaking off the Pacific Coast of Canada in the Broken Group Islands - it was breathtaking. Remote. Pure. Wild. While out on the water we saw starfish, se ... Read More

McDonald’s Goes Veg

For the last week my newsfeed has been abuzz with excitement about McDonald’s plans to open its first vegetarian restaurant. Personally though, I’m struggling to see how this is a good thing. ... Read More

Design + Environment = Eco Cuffs

Once upon a time, a seasoned interior designer of ten years named Susan came to a life-altering realization: her work wasn’t truly rewarding. ... Read More

A World Where We #WearReal

Imagine a world without insecurity. A world where people can live without fear and be who they really are. In this world, people wouldn’t make decisions based on fear; they wouldn’t do something ... Read More
Issue #71
September 10, 2012